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555 Timer Calculator

This calculator will determine the pulse width of the output based on the resistance and capacitance values entered of monostable and astable configurations.

Attenuator Calculator

The Attenuator Calculator is used to determine the resistance values for Tee, Bridged Tee, Reflection and Pi Attenuators given the impedance of the circuit, and the desired attenuation.

Battery Life Calculator

The Battery life calculator uses battery capacity (mAh) and device consumption (mA) to calculate estimated hours of battery life.

Capacitance Conversion

Use the capacitance conversion chart and calculator to perform conversions between code to capacitor value and capacitance units from pF, µF, nF, and F.

Capacitor Safety Discharge Calculator

Given a capacitance value as well as beginning and end voltages, this calculator solves for either time or resistance.

Current Divider Calculator

Calculate the current going through any branch in a parallel circuit using the Current Divider calculator.

dBm to Watts Conversion

The decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to Watts conversion calculator to quickly and easily convert RF power between dBm to Watts.

Decimal Fraction Conversion

The Decimal to Fraction conversion calculator allows the user to input a decimal number and will convert it to the closest fractional value.

Electrical Plug Reference Calculator

DigiKey’s Electrical Plug Reference Calculator is a tool designed to assist users in determining the compatibility of electrical plugs and outlets in different regions and countries.

Energy Conversion

This conversion calculator allows you to quickly and easily convert British Thermal Units (BTU) to Joules (J) and Joules (J) to British Thermal Units (BTU).

Force Conversion

This tool will help you calculate the equivalent values of mechanical force units such as Newton [N], Kilonewton [kN], kilogram-force [kgf] and more.

Frequency to Wavelength Conversion

The frequency to wavelength conversion calculator is designed to convert frequency to wavelength and filter ITU primary allocation.

Inductance Conversion

This conversion calculator quickly and easily converts inductance measurements like henry to kilohenry and microhenry to picohenry.

LED Series Resistor Calculator

The series resistor calculator uses supply voltage, forward voltage, and forward current values to help you identify the correct series resistor.

Length Conversion

This length conversion calculator converts metric and imperial units including kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters, miles, yards, feet, and inches.

Low Pass/High Pass Filter Calculator

Calculate the -3dB cutoff frequency of RC and RL circuits for both Low and High Pass filters using DigiKey’s passive filter calculator.

Number Conversion

The number system conversion calculator will convert Decimal to Hex, Octal and Binary numbers as well as perform binary bit shift calculator operations.

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Use this tool to calculate relationships between current, voltage, resistance, and power in resistive circuits.

Parallel and Series Resistor Calculator

Calculate the total series and parallel resistance of a circuit using the Parallel and Series Resistor calculator.

PCB Trace Width Calculator

Calculate the required trace width for a specified current using the PCB Trace Width calculator.

Pressure Conversion

Convert psi to bar, kgf/cm2 to psi, bar to kgf/cm2, and other units like pa, mmH2O, inches H2O, psf and atmosphere with the pressure measurement conversion calculator.

Reactance Calculator

Figure the inductive reactance and admittance, and capacitive reactance and admittance using this easy-to-use reactance calculator.

Resistor Color Code Calculator

This tool is used to decode information for color banded axial lead resistors. Select the number of bands, then their colors to determine the value and tolerance of the resistors.

Series and Parallel Capacitor Calculator

This tool calculates the overall capacitance value for multiple capacitors connected either in series or in parallel.

SMD Capacitor Code Calculator

The surface mount capacitor code calculator can determine the capacitance value and tolerance by inputting the 3/4 digit or alphabetical code found on the device. Choose the code type, three-or-four-digit EIA or EIA-198, then select the markings from the table below.

SMD Resistor Code Calculator

The surface mount resistor code calculator can be used to determine the resistance value of an SMD resistor using the markings found on the device. Choose the code format: three digit EIA, four digit EIA, or EIA-96. Then select the markings.

Temperature Conversion

This temperature calculator converts Celsius values to Fahrenheit values and Fahrenheit values to Celsius values.

Three Phase Calculator

The three phase power calculator will estimate the real, apparent, and reactive power of either a delta or wye (also known as star) 3 phase AC system.

Time Constant Calculator

Calculate resistor-capacitor (RC) time constant of a resistor-capacitor circuit by entering voltage, capacitance, and load resistance values.

Trace Impedance Calculator

Calculate the pcb trace impedance of microstrips and striplines using the trace impedance calculator. The formulas are based off of IPC2141 and will provide a baseline to start from as you design your circuit’s layout.

Voltage Divider Calculator

The Voltage Divider conversion calculator to quickly and easily determine the output voltage of the divider circuit given the input voltage and resistor values.

Volume Conversion

The volume and mass conversion calculator to convert milliliters to ounces, liters to gallons, and other units including pints, quarts, and gallons.

Weight Conversion

Convert kilograms to grams, kilograms to pounds, and other units including tons, metric tons, and ounces using the weight measurement conversion calculator.

Wire Size Conversion Calculator

Convert American Wire Gauge (AWG) to diameter and area values in inches (in) millimeters (mm) or circular mil area (CMA) using the Wire Size Conversion Calculator.




electrical capacitance conversion table


zener diode reference table


555 timer astable components
* This is a screenshot, disregard the buttons, it is from the DigiKey calculator, it shows the components required to generate a ~300Hz signal on pin 3 to GND ** Consider using a potentiometer (variable resistor) in place of resistor(s) to create an adjustable signal…