Relatively Safe Entertainment¨¹

Alternatives to Mainstream Media Providers¨²

¨¹~ Relative to mainstream content providers such as YouTube, Amazon Video, Netflix, Random Internet Searches and trusting to click whatever pops-up…etc

¨²~ Other than the obvious sites and services (Comcast, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix…), Many people have experience with torrent download programs or peer-2-peer (p2p) sharing apps or even a little black box connected to your flat-screen with nameless firmware serving up popcorn torrents…  Why go through all that while in the end you are opening yourself & your entire network / devices up to any number of security vulnerabilities, possible legal fraud issues (DMCA) or worse… they simply do not work or buffer every-time you try to find new movies or tv episodes!

Below are the current best options for access to the newest Movies, TV Shows & Episodes across the globe!  Any device with a browser can potentially access these websites.  For the most part they are HTML providing Video Streams using methods which are 100% Legal in most every country including the United States.  Some do not have a single advertisement or pop-up at all, EVER… They do NOT require signup or login!  They work using a VPN & without.  Occasionally they become over crowded and you simply must wait a minute & refresh the page.  Simple, Clean, Elegant Solution to Entertainment whether at home, on the move or even stuck in a hotel in a foreign land!  They provide many options for closed captioning in multiple languages and they rarely lag & take only seconds to buffer.  The content is updated frequently, most episodes post within the hour they air!  The quality is available in standard definition and High Definition! 

It would be difficult to list any down-sides.  If you can think of any, please I have been searching for years and still have yet to find the answer!  I dare anyone to argue a better option! Logo


One of the best!
Zero advertising!
Only the hosted content…
Exactly what you want to watch and nothing else!

Occasionally over-crowded so if it says VIP only, just refresh/reload the page after a minute or two… This site always works eventually!


Watch Free HD Movies and TV Series online on –
MoviesJoy is where you find the saying “Happiness costs nothing” correct. All the movies on our site are free to watch, in HD quality, with subtitles, and there is no need for a signup or any subscription.
If it is what you are looking for, give us a shot to convince you!
What is MoviesJoy?
MoviesJoy is a streaming website where you can find almost any title that comes to mind to stream or download. We provide free movies and TV shows for every genre and occasion such as Action, Comedy, History, Thriller, Sports… New titles are updated on a daily basis to make sure you never need to leave.
MoviesJoy is one of the biggest gems you can find when it comes to free online movie streaming. More than ten thousands of titles are free for you to watch online or download with zero ads. Normally movie enthusiasts have to pay for paid content or sit through multiple ads and popups, but at MoviesJoy, all you need is the Internet, a device, and your time to enjoy our contents.
Is MoviesJoy Safe? Is it Legal to use MoviesJoy?
If you leave no information, no one can attack you! MoviesJoy doesn’t require your name, your email, and your credit card number as we don’t ask for a signup. Therefore, you can stay completely anonymous by using a VPN (if preferred). MoviesJoy has been a safe place for millions of users so rest assured, you can watch our movies and TV shows without worries.
Alternative to Moviesjoy?
If for some reasons you can’t access website to watch free HD Movies, you can try other best alternative to Moviesjoy such as Himovies, ev01, tinyzone… etc
Why MoviesJoy should be your movies streaming site? – Some good reviews about Moviesjoy
1. Safety
Because movies should bring you joy, not headaches, it is important to watch movies on a safe and reliable site only. And MoviesJoy lives up to its name, you will only find movies and joy here on our website. No signup or registration is needed to stream free movies and TV shows on MoviesJoy, so you can stay safe and sound without giving any information for hackers or unwanted parties to track you down.
2. Minimal UI design
MoviesJoy should be as easy as Google to browse and navigate. If you already have a title in mind, simply enter the keywords in the search box at the top of the site. Or if you are looking for something that catches your eye, you can use the site’s categories to search or scroll down for our suggestions.
3. Extensive content library
With over 10,000 titles, MoviesJoy is confident to provide you whatever you are looking for. We update new movies and TV episodes on a daily basis and per request to make sure our users can catch up with the cinematic world as well as find gems that others recommend. We have almost everything, from Hollywood blockbusters to regional indies, from the latest releases to the oldies of your childhood. No matter what title comes to your mind, you are highly likely to find it here.
4. Streaming experience
MoviesJoy is where you get a premium watching experience without having to pay. With fast loading speed and seamless streaming feature, you can enjoy our contents with little to no buffering. At MoviesJoy, both the movies and joy are not interrupted.
5. Device compatibility
MoviesJoy is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported so our users can enjoy free movies and TV shows on any device available, at anytime and from anywhere. You can start your day by streaming our movies on your way to work and end it in the comfort of your home.
6. Ads and popups
There are absolutely zero ads on our site. Once you hit on the play button, you can start streaming right away, without any interruptions in the middle.
7. Great customer care
At MoviesJoy, we understand that your experience comes first. Therefore, we try our best to listen to our users. Should there be any issue, please feel free to send us a message. Or if you cannot find a movie or TV show of interest, we are also on all ear to get your request.
Your support is our source of joy, so please help us to spread the words and let your friends know about too. Thank you!