Strategic Tailored Access Operations

Consulting Services

Technology   Security  Logistics

Development,  Fabrication, Deployment

“Solving Complicated Problems with Novel & Elegant Solutions”

Residential | Commercial | Industrial

            • Deep-Web Blockchain assisted Asset Facilitation
            • Investigatory Security services
            • Engineering Test & Measurement Equipment
            • Full-Stack Software/Hardware Development
            • LiFePO Powered ATV/UAV Vehicle Design, Fabrication
            • Public Key Encryption Services | PKI
            • Core Foundational Technologies Training
            • Radio Frequency Communication/Antenna Design/Testing

Tailored Consulting Services

“Surf into the Future On The Waves of Technology”


      • Secure Encrypted Deep Web Client Communications
      • Anonymity at All Levels of Design, Source, Solution & Deployment
      • Affordable Services & Advanced Solutions


Software & Hardware



      • Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controlled Devices: 1Hz to 6GHz
      • Advanced Lithium Fe-PO Advanced Battery Systems
      • DC/DC & AC/DC Custom Power Supply Units
      • Video/Audio Security Surveillance Deployment
      • Tailored Laptop, Tablet & Server Builds
      • Full Stack Software & Custom Hardware
      • Custom Built:
        • Micro PC platforms
        • RF Satellite Trackers
        • Embedded Control systems


Device fabrication & Full-Stack Deployment


      • Advanced Electronic Engineering
        • SaaS
        • SIP
        • SoC
        • IoT – Internet of Things
        • FPGA
        • ASIC
        • VLF/vhf/hf Radio Software Defined Radio SDR
      • DESIGNS Meet or Exceed MIL-SPEC Standards
      • Novel & innovative Scientifically backed Strategies
      • next generation technology: Always on the Razors Edge

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