Strategic Tailored Security & Logistics

  • Anonymous BLOCKCHAIN – Crypto  (Currency) assisted Asset Facilitation Services

  • Investigatory Security Consulting

  • Full-Stack Software / Hardware Development + Unique Custom Electronic Device Fabrication

  • Authentic Historic Coal Fired Blacksmith Forge Facility

  • Organic Farming and Essential Oil Extraction Services

  • Public Key Encryption Services + Certificate Authority

  • Radio Frequency Communication Products





Coal fired authentic Blacksmith’s forge

operating all season

anvil and hammers

Come sign-up for a class or just enjoy watching

we recreate the past while surrounded by the beauty of natural farm land, animals and forest!




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Tailored Consulting




Need something done requiring high tech

innovative technologies + techniques?

We’ve got you covered!

It’s what we do! 

the most cutting edge tech on and off the market…

No limits!

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Asset Facilitation




If you can dream it, we can find it…for a price


Anything, anytime, any place

We have the connections to get those wicked hard to find items!


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alice-bob encryption public key

farm mystic noank fishtown road




blacksmith forge coal anvil mystic noank

Custom fabrication of devices + circuits
Electronic engineering

We offer a wide-variety of home fabrication and repair services, including professional electricians to make sure our circuits are tested up to or exceeding current safety standards. Whether you need a new unique device or just a quick fix for that big screen TV, we have you covered!

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Organic essential oils


We extract and fractionally distill our hand curated organic essential oils using steam and our custom stainless extraction chamber on-site.


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Metaphysical Improvement

…Since 1996


create Your idea



We help make it real