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Residential | Commercial | Industrial

            • Deep Dark Web | Blockchain | Asset Facilitation
            • Computer Investigatory Security Services
            • Electrical Engineering Test and Measurement Equipment
            • Full-Stack Software + Hardware Development
            • LiFePO PSU Vehicle Design & Fabrication
            • Public Key Encryption Services | PKI| Tailored Algorithms
            • Radio Frequency Communication (RF) 100GHz+ & Antenna Design
            • Premise Security, Video Surveillance
            • Secure Entry and Electronic Time Code Lock Mechanisms
            • Computer Forensic Services | Penetration Testing
            • Custom Operating Systems | PE | *nix | BSD
            • Isolated Power Supplies | Tailored Circuits (Audio + Video)

Tailored Services

“Surf into the Future on the Waves of Technology”

Design, Source & Fabrication

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Affordable Residential & Commercial Services

Software & Hardware

      • Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controlled Devices: 433MHz to 110GHz
      • Advanced Lithium Fe-PO Battery Systems
      • DC/DC, AC/AC, AC/DC Custom Power Supply Units (PSU)
      • Video/Audio Security Surveillance Deployment
      • Tailored Laptop, Tablet & Server Builds
      • Micro PC platforms
      • RF, GPS, Cellular Satellite Trackers
      • Embedded Control systems
      • Full Stack Software Development

SaaS SIP SoC IoT Internet of Things FPGA ASIC VLF ELF VHF HF Software Defined Radio HackRF RTL SDR Alfa

Use Snowflake to bypass censorship

Help Others & Help Yourself

Anonymity is a Privilege

Privacy censorship snowflake schematic

Snowflake is a system that allows people from all over the world to access censored websites and applications. Similar to how VPNs assist users in getting around Internet censorship, Snowflake helps you avoid being noticed by Internet censors by making your Internet activity appear as though you’re using the Internet for a regular video or voice call.

There are numerous tools available, such as Snowflake, that “transform” Internet activity, each using a different technique. Some redirect Internet traffic to appear to be coming from popular cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Others scramble Internet traffic in order to make it appear completely random.

It therefore becomes costly for censors to consider blocking such circumvention tools since it would require blocking large parts of the Internet in order to achieve the initial targeted goal.

Unlike VPNs, you do not need to install a separate application to connect to a Snowflake proxy and bypass censorship. It is usually a circumvention feature embedded within existing apps. Currently Snowflake is available inside Tor Browser on Desktop and Android, Onion Browser on iOS, and Orbot on Android and iOS. If you have downloaded and installed any of these apps, and they are censored in your country, you can bypass the censorship by activating Snowflake through the apps’ settings page.

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