IAD Systems LLC coordinates with scientists, innovators, and investors.
We have been working together long before blockchain technologies became the ideal development platform.

Our purpose is to bring together everyone willing to donate some of their time, funds or knowledge so that we may collaborate on Innovations, Protocols and Standards for a Universal Decentralized Safe, Secure and trustworthy Transportation and Logistics network driven via Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Members of the IAD Systems LLC Alliance Benefit From

Transportation Secured by Reputation Anonymous Forever

Members of the IAD Systems collaborative benefit from shared knowledge and experience amongst members, but also gain value from an interest group that could have a greater unity to influence policy and mindshare regarding autonomous vehicles across Encrypted Physical Networks

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Access to the network...

We are building a ::decentralized autonomous logistical way of interaction for the Entire Universe:: © 2020 IAD Systems LLC

IAD Systems LLC members will be at the forefront of decentralized transportation and autonomous transaction center adoption by the mainstream population. It is our goal to help bring this innevitable technology to the world, and to share the benefits and successes with inevitableininevitablein our circle as founders, teachers & members.

We invite you to join and help us create the future, where you are in control and there are no shadows.

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Manufacturing and Sales of Autonomous Virtual Transaction Nodes