Free Federally Funded Broadband internet   GOOD NEWS FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO Wake-up EVERYDAY AND KNOW THEY ARE THE FRONT LINE IN THE EVOLUTION OF THE interweb recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has instituted a program to attempt to get people connected to The Internet.  Yes of course it is heavily monitored as is all of what you perceive the world wide web to be.  just use a vPN! if you can’t afford Fast Private And Secure Connections To The Internet, perhaps you should Never Attempt To Break The Law in the first place?  Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 (In the Beginning…) hacking is  not  inherently  illegal!  hacking  is  to  find  alternative  uses for a thing in order to enhance its’ ability…sort  of…at least  for  us  it  is.  Hacking is not the execution of scripts to crack into your ex’s laptop or cell phone because she found out you are a scumbag 😉