Synthesis of SnI4
Direct reaction of tin metal with iodine in methylene chloride yields SnI4 as the principal product, with formation of SnI2 as a side reaction.

Sn + 2I2 + SnI4
Sn + I2 + SnI2
SnI4 is a red-orange solid; SnI2 is a yellow-red solid.
Color due to polarizability of I, probably involving charge transfer (I+Sn).


SnI2 is polar, and SnI4 is non-polar, As a result SnI2 is slightly more soluble in CH2Cl2.
SnI2 is somewhat more ionic and has a higher m.p.
SnI2 m.p. 330C SnI4 m.p. = 143-144C

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