Contract IAD Systems LLC
Connecticut Rhode Island Secure Anonymous Asset Acquisition Facilitation & Courier Transport Service

Anonymously, Efficiently and Safely Facilitate the Acquisition & Transport of an asset (of reasonable dimensions and weight) between two locations

Connecticut, USA Rhode Island, USA Fishers Island, NY (100 miles round-trip included, greater distances require additional payment, usually...)
Reliability & Privacy are our focus!

100% Guaranteed Delivery!

Agreement is with a single party! (1 point of contact ONLY) References are provided upon request.

We have been contributing to the community since 1996 and are well known in select circles to be extremely discrete & reliable.

Trust & Authenticity are intrinsic to our core values as a business and as people!

Live and Let Live, Trust Everyone & Trust No One!

We use the Decentralized Messaging Service built into Origin Protocol to arrange a point of contact or to exchange cryptographic public keys.
Learn more here: Decentralized Messaging at Origin Marketplace
Our messaging system is built on top of OrbitDB which is a serverless, distributed, peer-to-peer database. OrbitDB uses IPFS as its data storage and IPFS pubsub to automatically synchronize databases with peers. Unlike most messaging services, there are no centralized servers or single points of failure that can be compromised or shut down, no matter who asks.


SMS/MMS/Voice Telephone Forwarding Service #:

+1 (941) 487-0041


Encrypted Email Service:

Ethereum ETH Deposit Address:


Bitcoin BTC Deposit Address:


Encrypted Video/Audio/Messaging Services:

Signal Messenger Real End-to-End Encryption

Access secure communications: Here

Tox ID: A16BE76202A0E38F999B5F0A405B8BE0F17AED1DE8CA77DDA3D2C63FF108F23D4BD44B854FF5

41°22'26.9"N 72°00'13.5"W
41.374140, -72.003736
059 260906479925, Groton, CT 06355
9XFW+MG Groton, Connecticut